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Exodus International head and “former homosexual” Alan Chambers’ new tome is up for pre-order at Amazon:

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At $11.19, it’s way too high a price to pay for fish-wrapper. Dan at Ex-Gay Watch says he requested a review copy from the publisher, but — surprise — he hasn’t received one.

Wayne’s on the case with these comments:

I can’t wait to read the book in the coming weeks and weed out the lies, if only my computer hard drive has enough room to store all of them! Chambers, while a pleasant man, has always had serious character flaws when it comes to truth-telling, honesty and integrity. In preparing for his new book, I listened to an interview I had with him for my own book, “Anything But Straight,” and found this little gem.

“I used to steal,” confessed Chambers. “I was very consumed with and, I loved things, I loved money and I used to steal it.”

Well he doesn’t have to worry about ripping off a cent from the gay community with this book. I guess he’ll have to rely on the same miniscule audience that clicked and ordered Mary Cheney’s waste of paper.

This is clearly a sad recruiting tool for Exodus; I only hope those struggling with coming out don’t waste their time with this sort of propaganda. Joe Brummer sums it up with this in the comments at Ex-Gay Watch (where Alan also stops by to bleat, btw):

This is the same person who says GLBT people don’t have real loving, committed relationships. THis is the same man who changes the numbers of ex-gay from 100s, to thousands, to millions at the drop of a hat. He can’t get the story straight, let alone write a book on the strory. This is the same man who says we are not equal to heterosexuals.

This is the same man who said “But as a property owner of Orlando, I wouldn’t rent to someone who is gay any more than I would rent to a person who is a practicing witch.”

…He is far from an authority on GLBT people. He has proven again and again, he know little about us. Exodus International is nothing more than a hate group. While those that run it may be wonderful people, their actions are immoral, wrong and misguided.

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