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Another cure for lesbianism

“I was desperate, my wife cheated on me with a lesbian. I didn’t know what to do and I decided to ask the rabbi for his advice on how to lift the curse.”
— a terrified husband to his rabbi, who gave him a “special sack of sand” to bring his wife back to him.

Perhaps this rabbi and the man who tried to rape the lesbian demon out of a woman should compare notes on strategy. (Ynet):

The Rabbi provided a quick magical solution: He gave him a heavy sack of sand and told him to pour it on the doorstep of his wife’s lesbian lover, telling him that the moment his wife will step on it the curse will be lifted. “Your wife will come running back,” he said.

Happy at the advice given by the rabbi the man returned home. He immediately rented a car and assigned the mission of pouring the sand on the lover’s doorstep to his 18 year-old son. The son obeyed his father and set out on his way.

A few days ago, at around 3 am, the boy arrived at the lover’s home in Kiriyat Malachi. He carried the sack of sand on his shoulders, climbed the stairs to the apartment, poured the sand on the doorstep and returned to his car.

On his way out, he noticed several of the lover’s dresses hanging on the washing line and couldn’t hold himself back. He took out a match set the dresses alight. The raging fire made him panic, and he tried putting out the flames. When he was unable to, he fled the scene. The frightened woman, who noticed the fire, managed to write down the license plate of the escaping vehicle and immediately called the police.

H/t, PageOneQ.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding