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Yesterday we had a rundown of the GOP’s new "war on brown people" fall collection.  Reader Mattheau K. reminded me we’d missed the particularly fetching bigot ensemble of Colorado Gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez:

Beauprez made his comments in response to a question on Colorado Public Radio’s "Colorado Matters" this week. Beauprez said that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, he would sign a law banning abortion, unless the mother’s life was in danger. He said he would not support abortion in cases of rape and said that such "extreme exceptions" have been used to justify "carte blanche" abortion policy that has led to more than 1 million abortions each year in the U.S.

"Tragically, I think, in some of our ethnic communities we’re seeing very, very high percentages of babies, children, pregnancies end in abortion. And I think that it’s time we have an out-in-the-open discussion about what that means," Beauprez said during the interview.

Interviewer Ryan Warner asked Beauprez which ethnic communities.

"I’ve seen numbers as high as 70 percent, maybe even more, in the African-American community that I think is just appalling. And I’m not saying it’s appalling on them. I’m saying it’s appalling that something’s happening to encourage that," Beaupres said.


(graphic by ProgressNowAction)

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