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AFA launches petition campaign against Wal-Mart

The fundie boycott machine is losing its steam as Don Wildmon and the pole-stroking bible beaters at the American Family Association have launched letter writing campaign to punish Wal-Mart for joining forces with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

These efforts are getting so old, tired and intellectually bankrupt. It’s a wonder corporations even pay attention to these breathless efforts based on nothing more than fear of the homo straw man.

In his bleating, “Wal-Mart asks for, and receives, permission to join homosexual marriage group,” Dapper Don straight out lies to whip up The Base.

Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, has asked for and received permission to join the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The NGLCC is a leading promoter of homosexual marriage.

Although Wal-Mart has never excluded homosexuals from being employees, customers, or suppliers, the company wanted to be more closely identified with promoting the homosexual agenda. Wal-Mart is now a “corporate member” of the NGLCC, putting their approval on the NGLCC’s efforts to abolish the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. A Wal-Mart vice president will serve as an advisor to the NGLCC, helping them promote homosexual marriage.

Wal-Mart agreed to give $25,000 to the NGLCC and to pay for two conferences scheduled by NGLCC. [Get this unadulterated bullsh*t lie] Also, Wal-Mart will give homosexual-owned businesses special treatment when making purchases. Companies not owned by homosexuals will be moved down the list.

Read the NGLCC release. That winged ass-monkey statement by Don is nowhere in there.

He notes that Wal-Mart often blocks mass email efforts, and in his petition, calls for the fundies to phone WWal-Mart’s home office headquarters and ask for Chairman Rob Walton at 479-273-4000. “Also, call your local Wal-Mart manager and express your concerns. Please, be polite when you call!

But let’s not quibble about that; let’s get right to the Freeper reaction. One amusement below is a dustup over whether Target is “french.”

Actual Freeper Quotes™

Wal-Mart — buy a clue from Target, nobody cares except the people you offend.

In other news, corporate officials intend to dig up the corpse of Sam Walton, make an appointment for him at a trendy salon and dress him in Armani. Plans are also in the works for a television special, Queer Eye for the Dead Guy.

I cant wait to see the first flaming homo as their Walmart greeter.

Would the greeter have to be eighty, also, like at all of the other stores?

Can you lisp with dentures?

An old one at that too! Icky!

They should be boycotted just on the grounds of pulling such a breathtakingly naive public relations stunt. A)It’s going to tick off a lot of regular wal-mart shoppers who don’t like gay people. B)The vast majority of gay guys in large cities weren’t born in large cities. Many of them came from small towns. One of the reasons they moved to large cities — aside from getting away from the folks who don’t like them — is to avoid shopping in Wal-Mart. The chances of them popping into wal-mart to shop are roughly the same as them using a primer coated, 72 dodge charger on blocks as a lawn ornament at their house in the Hamptons.

I stopped going to Target when I found out they were french and slighted the Salvation Army, stopped going to Costco when they supported the minimum wage, the unions and the DNC, and now I’ll have to cut out Sam’s Club and WallyWorld. SHEESH! Maybe I’ll have to open my own general store!

Target isn’t French. They’re based in the midwest. People say “tar-jay” as a joke that disguises the discount chain’s name.

How much credibility do you have? You “heard that Target was French”? Target is based in Minneapolis. Senator Mark Dayton is an heir. 3-M, General Mills, Best Buy and Cargill to name a few, are all based in Minneapolis.

They aren’t French. It was founded by Dayton-Hudson Corporation in Minnesota. The lame duck one-term senator Mark Dayton (D-MN) is one of the heirs to the Dayton fortune.

It stinks really! I do a lot of food shopping there. I do not stop in there for a small buy though, it’s just not convenient as a run in and out. I buy meat when the grocery stores have it on sale. I could do without Walmart , it would just cost a bit more.

Dems are doing a big push to get Walmart friendly – and this is part of that … They’ll try to turn conservative support away from Walmart. Why are you helping them?

If Walmart continues this and starts to sponsor Gay events, why would you help them promote such a lifestyle choice?

The move is about realizing that many of their rural stores are located in areas with either declining or aging populations. They need to get into high-population density urban centers and believe that spreading some cash around special interest groups will ease the way.

Dems are trying to push conservatives away from supporting Walmart – and the MSM is there to help them accomplish that goal. Next you’ll be hearing how Hillary was on their board – she was – and how they don’t like conservatives (a lie). Dems don’t have ideas on how to make things better, so they manipulate, lie and cheat. Don’t encourage them…

Wal-Mart has looked at the statistics on income, average spending per household, etc., and sees the gay population as a very attractive market. Two disposable incomes, usually no children and an above average level of materialism. In other words, they have money and love to shop. The problem is, the gay population only equates to about what, 2%? Also, I doubt most would be shopping at Walmart – it’s just not high-end enough. The gay population (for the most part) is into status and luxury goods. I think Walmart has just offended their core consumers and may regret this move. Just a prediction.

My only conclusion is that these guys (Wal-Mart management) are idiots.

WalMart indorses sodomy and the union thereof .

As far as Wal-Marts core customer base not “liking gays”, I don’t think that’s really the issue. I’m sure most people could care less, but what they do care about is: 1. Values 2. Against Gay “marriage” 3. Do not want homosexuals to have the same protected status as other protected “minorities”. This is not a civil rights issue, but the gay agenda is being driven in that direction.

They’re pet supplies for Gerbils and Hamsters will fly outta the stores now! Smooth move.

Thanks for your acerbic observation, lol. I won’t even touch the pet comment(?) I was referring to the customer base of Wal-Mart, they put a priority on “values”, and if they perceive an entity of violating those “values” then there will be a backlash.

If I am reading this right, I should be able to “sashay” into Walmart and declare my self a homo and get special treatment and better rates to haul their freight? Or do I get 10-20% off all purchases for being a pervert? What a sick world we are living in.

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