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Line Five, Party of One


After only agreeing to one debate before the Democratic party primary (which he lost), Turncoat Joe Lieberman is now whining at the top of his lungs that he wants to participate in debates.

Sen. Joe Lieberman called on the four other candidates in the hotly contested U.S. Senate race Thursday to meet next week and agree to a debate schedule.

Lieberman, who lost the Democratic primary to businessman Ned Lamont and is now running as an independent, sent letters to Lamont, Republican Alan Schlesinger, Green Party candidate Ralph Ferrucci and Concerned Citizens candidate Timothy Knibbs.

"Voters are eager to know what we will do to solve the problems affecting their daily lives," Lieberman wrote in his letter. He also said the candidates have an opportunity to set "a high standard for a new politics of civil engagement."

Most of the other candidates have already said they’re willing to debate.

When asked about the third-party request for debate participation, Tom Swan, campaign manager for Ned Lamont replied:

"Debates are a good thing, and in addition to the traditional debates between the Democratic and Republican candidates, we’ll fight to include minor parties like Connecticut for Lieberman."

I thought it was particularly magnanimous of Swan and of Ned Lamont to be supportive of Joe Lieberman’s minor party quest to participate in a debate.  Of course, there is still that nagging question of Turncoat Joe’s de facto Republican candidate status.  But that’s apparently been resolved by Joe’s placement on the ballot in November:  he’ll be on line five, party of one — Connecticut for Lieberman‘s Big Ego.

One does have to question the strategic thinking of Lieberman asking for debateS (plural).  Honestly, the more I see of Joe Lieberman, the more I think of that rasping whine of fingernails on a chalkboard.  Or the incessant, highpitched whining of the dentist’s drill right before it digs in to a cavity.  Or perhaps that low-pitched whine of a mosquito just after it has pierced your arm and left you with an itchy welt that irritates for days on end.  Or…well, just a lot of whining. 

Connecticut voters have shown a tendency to have the same reaction to an overexposure of Turncoat Joe, and if I were working on his campaign, I might recommend less exposure of my candidate lest the entire state come down with a horrid case of Lieberman-itis.

Which is why, as a Lamont supporter, I’m saying, "Heckuva job, Turncoat Joe.  Keep up the whining — it’s you.  Just keep on being yourself."  After all, it worked so well for you in the primary.  (oops…just ignore that last bit…)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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