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Court rules student can wear anti-Bush T-shirt

I wish there was a pic of this T floating around. A wingnut parent objected to the message on this middle school student’s T-shirt and now the laugh’s on the mind-control freak.

A Vermont schoolboy was within his rights to wear a T-shirt depicting George W. Bush as a chicken and accusing him of being a former alcohol and cocaine abuser, an appeals court ruled.

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Zachary Guiles‘ school violated the First Amendment when it ordered him to cover parts of the shirt, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said Wednesday.

Guiles was a 13-year-old seventh-grader at Williamstown Middle High School in Williamstown, Vt., in May 2004 when he wore the shirt, which he had bought at an anti-war rally, to classes once a week for two months. Complaints from a fellow student and her mother who had different political views caused school officials to take a closer look.

The front of the shirt had Bush’s name and the words “Chicken-Hawk-In-Chief” beneath it. Below the words was a large picture of the president’s head, wearing a helmet, superimposed on the body of a chicken.

To one side of the president on the T-shirt, three lines of cocaine, a razor blade and a straw appear. Elsewhere on the shirt, the president is shown holding a martini glass with an olive in it.

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