Several things not deserving of a post of their own


  • The Anchoress seems to think that the latest in Bush hate makes the hater “multiple-orgasmic” ” and “bloated and gaseous “. Insert your own ‘coming and going’ joke here.


LORD KNOWS I have my problems with President Bush. He taps the federal coffers like a monkey smacking the bar for another cocaine pellet in an addiction study.

Usually conservative commentators try to avoid using ‘Bush’, ‘monkey’ and ‘cocaine’ in the same sentence. I blame this on conservative fatigue. And the fact that Jonah’s an idiot.


But if the idiot wants to embarrass himself by making such a film (most British filmakers end up embarrassing themselves when trying to make a film about America), let him have at us and be done with it.


Coal Miner’s Daughter

In America

The Third Man

Deliverance, Midnight Cowboy, Day of the Locust, The Falcon and the Snowman

Black Hawk Down, Thelma and Louise

The Night of the Hunter

The Great Gatsby

Rear Window, North by Northwest, Dial M for Murder, Vertigo, Psycho…need I go on?


  • Lastly, George Felix Allen is spared the potential ignominy of having to give a speech to a bunch of macacaheads:

A senator who had singled out an Indian man at a campaign event and referred to him as “Macaca” declined a leadership award from a minority scholarship fund Thursday after donors protested his selection.

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund donors had threatened to withhold contributions if Sen. George Allen, a Republican seeking re-election this fall, received the fund’s Community Leadership Award.

“The foundation told the senator that they’ve been catching a lot of static from members and some of their donors, and before it spins into a week of controversy, we just decided to decline it,” Allen spokesman John Reid said.


The senator said fallout from the scholarship fund award stems from political adversaries in an election year.

“I regret that there are those who would put their personal or political dislike of me ahead of the needs of deserving students and I do not want to be the cause of any controversy which could in any way harm the efforts to help these young people,” Allen said in a statement.

Yeah. They’re the ones who put a noose to his head and made him say it.

Worst. Racist. Ever.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....