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Q of the day – what was your worst day at work?

The usual insomnia that allows me to write and post before heading out to work has now been exacerbated by dealing with a crush of projects at work that is leaving me nearly brain-dead.

Today tested about the last bit of my sanity. I was out the door around 7 AM to get snacks and drinks and such to feed all the folks who are attending this software training Tues-Thurs, I get to my office to check on things before going over and lo and behold, the freaking database system that we use to track projects is suddenly dropping records, searching is crippled and of course, the entire IT department is at training.

I dropped off all the foodstuffs and beverages at the training facility, and head back to the office. No one left at the office can do any work in the system without risk of losing data so I shut the whole f*cker down to begin recovery. Needless to say it isn’t a simple affair, though we have adequate backups to work with. Out of 80+ files, almost all have some sort of index corruption, and it’s not clear how long it has been going on and how far back the backups are affected.

To make a really long story short (I’m just getting home after a meal at 10PM), it took all freaking day, with the usual interruptions from obviously frustrated users asking when things would be back up — can you see that I’m dancing as fast as I can?

Lord, I need to get out of IT before I lose my mind or get an ulcer.

And I have to go back to training tomorrow, and before that, check in and make sure the db is stable. Like I’ll get any sleep tonight.

Oh, and did I mention the terrific thunderstorms we’re experiencing right now?


Anyway, here’s the Q of the day – what was your worst day at work?

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