Mighty K.C.

In the time-honored tradition of bloggers waiting for the blog muse to cometh, we present a youtube music video as a stalling tactic.
In this case it’s For Squirrels

About eight years ago I bought For Squirrels Example in a used CD store for about $4 and since then it has been a favorite of mine. Sounding very much like early REM, I was disappointed to learn that the band had been in a tragic car accident a month after the release of the CD, killing lead singer John Vigliatura, bass player Bill White, and the bands manager (Tim Bender). Since that time, whenever I find used copies of Example I tend to buy them and give them to friends.

The surviving members of For Squirrels later formed Subrosa but the end result was pretty awful.

By the way, the “Mighty K.C.” is supposed to be Kurt Cobain.

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