The Mendoza Rumsfeld Line

Rummy empties the bench of 2640 players

We should really take advice from Rich Lowry who is right about everything.

Heed the call:

Democrats are being monumentally stupid in taking the bait of Rumsfeld’s speech. It would have been much better to ignore it on grounds that Rumsfeld said things everyone agrees with—we’re dealing with a totalitarian threat that can’t be appeased and whose evil there should be absolutely no confusion about. Democrats would be shrewd not to appear to contest any of that, and keep the argument about how well the war in Iraq is going. But they can’t help themselves—if someone says the word “appease,” Democrats reflexively leap to protest too much. Part of what’s at play here is the mis-applied lesson of the Swift Boat episode—respond to everything. But sometimes it makes no sense to respond. Administration officials are delighted, just delighted with the Democratic response and the debate is going so well that the GOP Senate leadership, after waiting 24 hours to see how it would play, is apparently going to weigh in sometime soon here.

Because if you respond to Rummy when he calls you a Nazi appeaser, he wins! And if you say nothing, then he must be right…and he wins!

All of this must be very gratifying to Donald Rumsfeld since, based upon his SecDef performance in the two wars that he has started, he’s going to be retiring with a record of 0-2. No other Secretary of Defense has managed to lose consecutive starts, much less two wars in a career.

You can look it up.

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