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Captain Corndog is a fickle kind of guy. Last week it was George W. Bush:

I had the opportunity this afternoon to be part of a relatively small group who heard President Bush talk, extemporaneously, for around forty minutes. It was an absolutely riveting experience. It was the best I’ve ever seen him. Not only that; it may have been the best I’ve ever seen any politician. If I summarized what he said, it would all sound familiar: the difficult times we live in; the threat from Islamic fascism–the phrase drew an enthusiastic round of applause–the universal yearning for freedom; the need to confront evil now, with all the tools at our disposal, so that our children and grandchildren can live in a better and safer world. As he often does, the President structured his comments loosely around a tour of the Oval Office. But the digressions and interpolations were priceless.

This week, Bill Frist:

I spent part of the day today with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. He is, of course, a very impressive guy: a physician, a heart and lung transplant surgeon, an upstart politician, a hands-on doctor in places like Sudan and New Orleans, and one of the most powerful people in our government. Despite those obvious accomplishments and Frist’s skills as a legislator, I’ve always felt that he lacks the executive persona necessary to be a strong Presidential candidate.

Maybe. But I was impressed by the close-up contact I had today. Frist is deadly serious about the war on terror, the pre-eminent issue of our era. He tells a chilling story of receiving a call from President Bush a week before the recent British airline bomb plot was disrupted. The message at that time, communicated to less than a handful of top federal officials, was that a terrorist plan was known to be in progress which could kill several thousand Americans, but there was no assurance that it could be stopped. It was stopped, thankfully, and news accounts suggest that the very terrorist surveillance programs now under attack by the Democrats were instrumental in saving thousands of American lives.

Now it could be that John Hinderaker is still a Bush-kinda guy and he was just overwhelmed by Bill Frist’s ape-like musk, a powerful pheromone known to give conservatives four-hour erections. Or maybe, just maybe, John is what is known as a starfucker. A winsome lad from Minnesota who gets all weak-kneed before men of power like an easily dazzled Washington intern.

Either way, I’m guessing that there is a stained blue suit sitting in a closet somewhere in Apple Valley that will never see a minute at the dry cleaners…

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