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Yep, George Bush was yukking it up with the locals who’ve managed to move back to NOLA today, saying incredibly useful things like "you can’t rebuild until you remove the debris."  Well…duh.

Somebody give this woman a huge tip:

But local frustration was also on the menu as a waitress took Bush to task over the botched government response to the killer storm, which ravaged the US Gulf Coast and killed more than 1,500 people and nearly drowned this party city.

As Bush tried to squeeze his way through narrow spaces between tables, waitress Joyce Labruzzo asked him: "Mister President, are you going to turn your back on me?"

"No, ma’am," Bush said, with a laugh and a pause. "Not again."

Joyce Labruzzo got to ask George Bush the question that a whole lot of folks have been thinking since his Administration took office. And his "Not again." response is altogether more honest on so many levels than I would ever have expected, isn’t it? Too bad it was likely a slip of the tongue, and not some newly found awareness on his part.  (H/T to Holden of First Draft for the link to this article.)

I swear, if I were in NOLA, I’d be having pancakes for breakfast every single day for a month, just to keep giving that woman a big ole tip.

And I kid you not, in his speech from New Orleans today, the proposed solution from George Bush?  The big fix?  More leases for offshore drilling.  Heckuva job…oh, hell…I can’t even say it any more.  Disgust doesn’t even come close to describing my mood today. 

(At least we have thus far been spared more joking about the Shrub’s days of drunken debauchery in New Orleans in his misspent youth.  That’s probably why they sent Pickles along in the sidecar.)

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