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I mentioned the other day the story Armitage’s colleagues told Corn and Isikoff raises interesting questions for the 1X2X6 story; I’d like to explain why. First, let’s review the timing:

September 26: DOJ launches an investigation into the Plame leak

September 28: Priest and Allen publish the 1X2X6 article

September 29: Novak and Rove speak about the leak–Novak assures Rove he will protect him

September 29 (evening): DOJ officially notifies the White House of the investigation

September (unknown date): Colin Powell, in a meeting in the Situation Room, declares that "everyone knows it" with regards to the Plame affair–it is disputed whether he referred to Wilson’s identity, or Plame’s

October 1: In response to the 1X2X6 article, Novak publishes his "partisan gunslinger" column

October 1: According to Isikoff and Corn, in response to Novak’s column, Armitage first tells Powell of his conversation with Novak–Powell informs Abu Gonzales, but doesn’t provide details

October 12: 1X2X6 source reiterates claims

Now, we can’t be sure, because there are a few claims that are suspect in this timeframe (the meaning of Powell’s comment, the timing of Armitage’s "realization" that he was Novak’s source, and the veracity of a claim Jeffress later made about Libby’s knowledge of Novak’s source), but this raises several interesting questions.

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