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Governator signs gay rights bill — the wingers erupt

Instead of using their resources to educate future leaders, these schools will now be forced to defend themselves in discrimination lawsuits brought by the male teacher who perceives himself as female and wears a dress to school….For those who still don’t believe that there is a radical homosexual agenda, keep in mind that the characteristics added to the protected list are designed to target people of faith alone.
Karen England, Capitol Resource Institute, suffering from the vapors after Gov. Schwarzenegger signed SB 1441, which includes gays in anti-discrimination laws affecting state funded and run programs

[UPDATE: Added some more hot air from bible beaters below.]

Been in training class all day, and returned to a ton of emails in my inbox about this one…

The fundies are losing their cookies over Arnold. Blisssssss….(365gay):

The legislation is designed to protect from discrimination, Californians who utilize public services such as police and fire protection, financial aid, social services and food stamps. The measure would also include protections for those associated with a person receiving services who has, or is perceived to have, any characteristic covered by the bill.

The legislation passed its final hurdle in the legislature earlier this month when the Assembly approved it on a 43-25 vote.

This bill will help to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Californians are treated equally by our government and is an important step towards our goal of ending discrimination in the Golden State,” said Geoff Kors, the executive director of Equality California which lobbied for the measure’s passage.

Don Wildmon’s ass-monkeys at AgapePress were right on it:

Shock and dismay — that’s how pro-family groups in California are reacting to news this morning that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill that gives homosexuals new and far-reaching powers.

Karen England, executive director of the Capitol Resource Institute (CRI), described the measure as not “even a veiled attempt at subtly advancing the radical homosexual agenda,” but “an outright, blatant assault on religious freedom.” She calls the bill “yet another attempt to prevent citizens with moral and religious principles from expressing their beliefs and educating their children according to those beliefs.”

…California activist Randy Thomasson, head of the group Campaign for Children and Families (CCF), charges Arnold Schwarzenegger with betraying the state’s pro-family citizens.

In signing SB 1441 into law, the governor has “trampled religious freedom to satisfy hyperactive sexual activists,” Thomasson contends. He says Schwarzenegger apparently “has two faces. He speaks at churches and says he believes in religious freedom and family values, yet he’s stabbing pro-family Californians in the back.”

The WingNutDaily headline on this bleats “Gov. Arnold tosses
school moral codes: Bill forces condoning of homosexuality, critics say ‘the gates of hell are prevailing’.” Sweeeet.

You know where I had to go, friends…

Actual Freeper Quotes™

This law makes a mockery of the free exercise clause of the First Amendment.

I’m just speechless. Is he doing it because he’s up for re-election?

This is just more proof that California is lost, and that victories by liberals like Schwarzenegger are nothing to brag about or to take hope from for the party. The only hope is that such madness can be mostly contained to the deep blue states.

Howl all you want Freepers, I am now sitting out the election for governor in the state of California this year.

And there are those who think the Patriot Act takes away freedom.

He did the same thing last year signing a bunch of onerous GLBT legislation, people just weren’t paying attention.

I’ll be voting Constitution Party for the governor’s office.

Simply disgusting, so rather than strange people getting indoctrination rights with the children, I think they should have to offer vouchers to have a choice in the private sector away from this circus.

Actions have consequences. I’m willing to live with the consequences of being a Christian; the GOP had better be prepared to find new voters. I’m not the only cultural conservative/Christian out there that’s now “ex-GOP”.

The money will be spent, regardless. Would you rather see a parent use their CalWorks voucher at a Christian School or the communist La Raza charter school? This basically discriminates against all faith based organizations, or requires them to embrace the homosexual agenda.

So–if some person, business, group, or institution refuses to join in someone’s fantasy that they’ve changed or “transcended” their sex–that’s grounds for legal action? Fine. Conservatives should welcome a trial/test case to determine the scientific validity of these claims.

The reality is: California is several perfectly fine conservative states held under the political thumb of some coastal cities… and that ain’t gonna change until there are some *major* changes. Seccede from California. Split Nor Cal off on it’s own. Get the Central Valley and the Sierras away from the control of Sac and San and LA. Let the whackadoodles have fun in the Bay Area Nation.

Well, well well…..we impeached the last waste of skin. What makes Arnie think he can’t be impeached as well? :I’m just sayin’.:

This is why when conservative Christians are quiet they allow evil to prosper. The pendulum has swung to the far left in CA. – moral relativism is also very alive on this board – many so called Freepers claim that this is all well and good and could care less about morality. The problem is who decides what is moral and what is superior? Everyone discriminates and the left makes the KKK look like angels – leftest are immoral, racist and hate filled – I guess many Christians will have to pay for their silence…shame to put this on children who deserve better.

I’m beginning to think Arnoiled himself is GAY!!! This certainly is queer behavior!!!

The Gay Agenda is no longer live and let live for a minority. Its about enlisting the state in the Gay Lobby’s and by the extension, the Left’s war on religion and traditional values in our society. It is more than just about eliminating religion from the public square; its about eliminating religion altogether.

Jeremy and Scott comment as well.


Joseph Farah loses his mind in his WND column, saying the Governator will now force all religious folks to homeschool their kids.

It’s not Islam that Schwarzenegger and the state are forcibly pushing through all schools that accept any public form of financial aid for students. It’s paganism. It’s the worship of Baal. It’s a primitive form of religion that is making a comeback. It’s a faith t
hat says sacrifice your sons and daughters on this altar – or else.

…I don’t want to overstate this, but this is the end of religious freedom in the biggest state in the union.

The only alternative left for Christians and Jews and people of other faiths in California is quite literally to drop out. That means homeschooling. It means creating new institutions that won’t touch any public funding – even when it is as tenuous as one student accepting a state grant. When you submit yourself or your institution to government regulation in California now, you tacitly accept the official state religion of paganism.

I saw this coming 15 years ago when I chose to leave California for good. It’s over. It really is the late, great state of California.

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