Nobody expects a Muslim Inquisition

We should invade their countries, kill their leaders
and convert them to Christianity.
A. Coulter

La Shawn:

I thought about this a couple of years ago when Nick Berg was beheaded. I don’t think Berg was a Christian or given the choice to deny or die. He was doomed just for being an American, and being a Jew certainly didn’t help matters.

If I’m ever captured by Muslim maniacs or non-Muslim maniacs who gave me a choice between denying my Savior and death, I’d want to face death with all the dignity I had left. As a prideful person (for better or for worse), I don’t want to give my would-be murderers the satisfaction of breaking me, especially if they’re going to kill me anyway. And what is my life worth without Christ?

Later, she gives herself an out:

[Clarification: If I gave the impression that I thought I would “lose” my salvation if I denied Christ, I certainly didn’t intend to, though the previous sentence may read that way. The Bible teaches that once Christ forgives us, we’re always forgiven. Once saved, always saved. I don’t have to work to “keep” my salvation. Yes, even if I denied Christ, God forbid it, he’s still my Savior.]

I’ve got twenty bucks that says she’d flip like a coin.

Maybe we’ll find out if a group of Islamoninjas storm GodBlog. I, for one, wish to witness a blubbering Hugh Hewitt hiding behind La Shawn and Charmaine Yoest…

(Added) Alex Koppelman is on the same wavelength but a different cultural reference.

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