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Why Wingnuts Aren’t Funny — Reason #8652


I’ve written before about how Republicans just aren’t funny — it isn’t in their nature.  Maybe it is due to the fact that those who swoon at the sight of authority just have no ability to prick the self-importance of the powerful in a way that generates humor, or that their tendency to laugh at the misfortunes of the weak (as in ethnic or sexist jokes) generally aren’t funny to anyone over the age of five.  But once again, those laugh riots at the Lieberman campaign are proving that they are, at heart, Republicans.

The Kiss Float was funny, delightful, light hearted and acute in its targeting of a particular, telling moment that exploded so many of the self-important myths generated by Joe and his Party of Ego.  And in response?  We get some LieberClown dressed up as Osama Bin Laden saying "Support Ned Lamont — We Do."

That’s great.  Why not just build a campaign around three Poles and a lightbulb, a priest, a rabbi and a minister or "for a nickle I would"?

It’s an old GOP card that has been played before, and will no doubt be played again.  When this whole dark era of wingnut domination is over, maybe they can just return to bitching about black UN helicopters and fluoridated water.  Honestly, their ham-fisted attempts to be funny are just abjectly painful to witness. 

Now, I can’t say for sure if Lieberman is paying this guy to make this sick and truly despicable joke.  But in my experience, a) nearly all the people who show up on behalf of Lieberman not named Lieberman are collecting a paycheck for it, and b) the guy looks suspiciously like the guy who showed up dressed in a banana suit and tried to muscle his way into the frame with Ned Lamont during the "Wake Up WalMart" press conference (where the paid LieberYouth were first instructed to begin harassing Ned, right as Richard Goodstein appeared on the scene). (hat tip LamontBlog)

Because Joe is all about eschewing negative, partisan politics and taking the high road, don’t you know.  What a truly great man.  How tragic that we blog urchins don’t recognize that and refuse to kiss his ring.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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