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The Tool's ready to swing by Bob Jones U.

Bush humping John McCain, so desperate to win over the fundies, has come full circle in embracing Bob Jones University in SC, the very state in which Dear Leader basically cut off his balls in 2000.

U.S. Sen. John McCain riled Bob Jones University leaders in South Carolina’s nasty 2000 GOP presidential primary by criticizing the Christian fundamentalist school – known for its ban on interracial dating and its anti-Roman Catholic views – and George W. Bush for speaking there.

Now McCain says he would consider speaking at the school himself.

“I can’t remember when I’ve turned down a speaking invitation. I think I’d have to look at it,” he told The State newspaper.

McCain, R-Ariz., says he would have to look at Bob Jones University’s latest policy statements. “I understand they have made considerable progress,” he said.

It’s amazing how John McCain has thoroughly degraded himself, seemingly with masochistic pleasure, tossing a formidable surface political reputation as a war hero down the rat hole by sucking up to Bush and the AmTaliban. Is the presidency really worth this:

Get a room, already. via Mike Tidmus.


BJU’s student handbook says “Loyalty to Christ results in separated living. Dishonesty, lewdness, sensual behavior, adultery, homosexuality, sexual perversion of any kind, pornography, illegal use of drugs, and drunkenness–all are clearly condemned by God’s word and prohibited here.” The campus bans all lAbercrombie & Fitch logos because it has “shown an unusual degree of antagonism to the name of Christ and an unusual display of wickedness in their promotions.”

In checking out the dress code for women, the BJU guide provides a few good chuckles.

* The middle area of the torso may not be exposed, and tops must be long enough to meet the top of the skirt or pants.
* Sleeveless tops and dresses may be worn with a blouse, jacket, or sweater; otherwise, sleeves are required.
* Necklines may be no lower than four fingers below the collarbone–the choice of “four fingers” being only a convenient measurement.
* Tops may be fitted, but not clingy.
* Hemlines, slits or other openings may never be higher than the bottom of the knee. Denim skirts are allowed for casual dress but not in class or for other professional events.
* Shoes such as combat boots or hiking boots are not permitted.
* Hairstyles must be neat, “orderly,” and feminine. Masculine cuts and “cutting edge fads” should be avoided.
* Tattoos are prohibited. A maximum of two matched sets of earrings are allowed, and they must be worn in the lobe of the ear. Any other body piercings are prohibited.

The guys get off easy though your hair will receive some scrutiny by the BJU staff:

* Men’s hair must be traditionally styled with a conservative cut. Hair must not be colored, highlighted, shaved, shelved, tangled or spiked. Sideburns may not reach past the lower opening of the ear. No facial hair is permitted; students must be clean shaven. (Some exceptions are made for older students.)

And there shall be no naked man-toes. Socks must be worn at all time.

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