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Homobigot Ken Blackwell going nowhere with GOP voters in OH gov race

Well how about this — Ken Blackwell, despite all the public support from the bible-beating Talibangelist Rod Parsley of Reformation Ohio and Russell Johnson, founder of the Ohio Restoration Project, his numbers continue to tank. These polling results are from Rasmussen.

During the past several months, Democratic Congressman Ted Strickland’s edge over Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell has ranged from four to seventeen percentage points. Now, in our latest election poll of Ohio’s gubernatorial race, Congressman Strickland leads his opponent by an intimidating 57% to 32%.

We conducted the new survey August 22, several days after the Strickland campaign began airing positive TV ads about the Democrat. The health of the steel industry has been one issue this electoral season, and Strickland’s ad touts his help in securing a loan for an ailing steel company.

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Blackwell: “Christians should show that they are not going to be whupped.”

Blackwell is not well established even with GOP voters, only 59% of whom now support him. He is perceived as conservative by 51% of all voters. By contrast, Strickland appeals to 88% of Democrats, and 55% of unaffiliated voters. A plurality of all voters (44%) see him as moderate.

Strickland is viewed favorably by 59%, Blackwell by 40%. Blackwell is viewed unfavorably by 55%. More ominously, 35% view him “very” unfavorably, a four-point increase since last month.

Look at how hard he pushes the gaybashing:

“I think homosexuality is a lifestyle, it’s a choice, and that lifestyle can be changed. I think it is a transgression against God’s law, God’s will. The reality is, again, … that I think we make choices all the time. And I think you make good choices and bad choices in terms of lifestyle. Our expectation is that one’s genetic makeup might make one more inclined to be an arsonist, or might make one more inclined to be a kleptomaniac. Do I think that they can be changed? Yes.”

Gee, Ken, why do you think you’re not gaining any traction with the rank-and-file fundie voters? Hmmmmm? You’re saying all the right things, but it’s just not gelling, is it? What could be the problem?

Hell, even Karl Rove, who pimped you at a fundraiser, can’t get those numbers up.

I love this photo w/a caption from Gilliard:

Man, I can’t do shit with this negro


A side note: if you want to see religious black homobigotry in action, look no further than this campaign. A group of black pastors (who are Dems) will be crossing over to join white wingnuts like Russell Johnson in support of Blackwell.

The ministers, including the director of the Memphis-based Coalition of African-American Pastors, say they support Blackwell’s conservative message, including his anti-tax position and his opposition to gay marriage…The minister group, Clergy for Blackwell, which includes black and white ministers, plans news conferences Monday in Columbus and Cincinnati in a move sure to add to a debate in Ohio over the role of religion in politics.


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