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Have You Had Enough?

This video was put together by a supporter of Coleen Rowley, using the Had Enough? song that our own Tommy Yum co-wrote (with fellow SNZ alum and all-around sweetie Ken Mosher) and played on, with the lovely Rickie Lee Jones doing lead vocals.  Some days, you just walk around with a grin from ear to ear.

If I haven’t said this lately, I need to do so now:  Howie Klein is a genius.  And he needs your help:

A John Laesch supporter is doing another one as we speak. A Jerry McNerney supporter who works as a dj is doing a re-mix with soundbytes from Dirty Dick Pombo. We love all that stuff. And Blue America has a plan for a next step too. And that’s why we started the PAC. The PAC allows us to raise and spend as much money as we can, not for candidates per se but to get our 30-second spots on the radio. Unlike the full song, the 30-second spots don’t say "It’s time to throw the rascals out." They are geared towards each specific district and each mentions the local rascal that it’s time to throw out, be it Kline in Minnesota, Brown-Waite in Florida, Doolittle in California, Kuhl in New York or Mean Jean Schmidt in Ohio.

The PAC wasn’t easy to set up. My bank manager resisted for weeks, actually telling me that the bank didn’t want anything to do with– he said couldn’t have anything to do with– embarrassing President Bush! And there’s so much paperwork! But now it’s set up and ready to collect and disburse contributions. Do you want to help? Well, the obvious way is to send some dough, either at that link or by check to Blue America, P.O. Box 27201, Los Angeles, CA 90027. But there’s something else we need from you.

Because we’re an official PAC now, the FEC doesn’t allow us to coordinate anything with any of the campaigns. If you live in one of the districts for one of our candidates, we need volunteers who will help us figure out which local radio stations will be most effective. Suggestions and ideas for a grassroots endeavor like this are not just welcome; they are crucial. Meanwhile, send your friends and family and colleagues to our MySpace page to listen to the song and download it and read more about it.

Any help — from a small donation to an offer to help get the song on the air of a local radio station to e-mailing the song around to all your friends — would be much appreciated.  And a little brainstorming in the comments on things we can do would be great — every little bit helps.

Have you had enough?  It’s time to do your part to help us throw the rascals out!

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