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Fundie follies at Charlotte Pride

Matt Hill Comer has a gallery of photos up from the recent Charlotte Pride. He was there representing the North Carolina Advocacy Coalition and promoting the Right to Serve DADT protest campaign (Greensboro will be holding one of these Soulforce-led events in Sept; check here for details). Over 30 cities will be participating.

Matt’s comment on Pride:

We had a success with the NC Advocacy table and I took a bunch of great pictures, including some of the crazed, religious fanatics from Operation Save America who stood outside of the festival all day shouting their throats through loud speaker systems and blowing weird looking “Horns of God” (ooo… that so could be twisted to mean something else, lol). | The Q-triad Blog

The Operation Save America trolls had a big-*ss Ten C out there for everyone. | The Q-triad Blog

The goal of OSA, besides returning homos to the closet, is to get God back in the classroom and the state back into a woman’s womb. This is the sort of drivel the Texas-based organization, headed by unhinged Rev. Flip Benham, spews.

Each year the radical homosexual agenda attempts to shove immorality down our throats through their pride festivals. The picture these militant sodomites like to paint of homosexuality in America’s government schools is a far cry from the stark reality of sodomite culture. It is pornographic, obscene and disgusting and these festivals are tame compared their club scene. The depravity inherent in those choosing this perverted lifestyle of death is flaunted openly at their festivals held in public venues. Their clear intent is to destroy the Christian morality that is the glue that holds our society together.

He’s an equal opportunity bigot, attacking other religions in the name of Jeebus, and rebuking “those who would use carnal weapons of war to win Christ’s cause.”

Unfortunately, if one wants to see the kind of extreme identity politics typical of fascism, there are examples nearby. Last month, in Pearl, Miss., the Rev. Flip Benham, leader of the anti-abortion group Operation Save America, burned a Quran, the Islamic holy book. Apparently, the intention was to demonstrate that Islam is one of several practices “detestable to the Lord.”

That should help with community relations and brotherhood.

Check out the rest of Matt’s Pride pix.


Also over at his pad, Matt Hill talks about the fundie losers at Called2Action, who are getting worked up for this year’s attempt control what is read in the Wake County (Raleigh) schools because certain titles offend their “Christian” sensibilities, you know, works like the satanic “Beloved” and “The Color Purple.”

The anti-gay Called2Action group, based in Raleigh, is gearing up again this year to challenge the Wake County Public School System on books they find “objectionable” due to vulgarity and sexuality… books like The Color Purple.

Called2Action, which has supported a number of blatantly anti-gay efforts in the past (including the promotion of the “Day of Truth,” a cheap, prejudiced rip-off of the Day of Silence), is looking for parents who want to serve on its Parents Council. The parents would cross-check books on reading lists from the public schools with lists of “objectionable material” put together by groups like themselves from across the nation.

Check out more Blend posts on that awful Day of Truth nonsense.

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