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Just got back into town a bit ago (was in Delaware visiting family); going through the overflowing mailbag, as usual. I haven’t been watching any news the last couple of days, just surfing a couple of blogs.

* Went to the movies and saw (and loved) Little Miss Sunshine while there. God I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. A big thumbs up.

* We don’t get Bravo here in Durham (Time Warner, you suck *ss), so my brother showed me two eps of Project Runway that he had recorded. I’ve never seen that show but boy, that was a hoot. I may have to rent the prior season DVDs.

Other miscellany:

* Kathy has another follow-up post to yesterday’s events in Alabama. And it gives you hope.

* Is anyone watching the Emmys? I’m so out of touch, I don’t even know who the nominees are.

* Whoa…here’s a confident bit of news as the anniversary of Katrina is upon us:

It was too early to tell whether Ernesto would provide an early test for the city’s levee system, which Strock conceded may not yet be strong enough to withstand a large storm surge.

Strock is head of the Army Corps of Engineers.


A Q of the day just for Sunday fun — what is your favorite homemade comfort food from childhood? And did you learn how to make it if it was something your mom — or dad — made?

What’s going on out there — blogwhore and links, please…

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