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Another asinine Mike Adams homobigotry column

Mike Adams is a blowhard homo-hater who is a professor at UNC-Wilmington — and a columnist who rails on about queers ad nauseum. He recently opened his pie hole again with more nonsense at the winger site:

Several years ago, I began writing columns questioning the so-called gay rights movement. I prefer to call it the “gay privileges” movement because gays are not presently deprived of anything that is rightfully theirs. A gay man has the same right I have to marry a woman. His waiver of that actual right does not allow him to substitute another “right” he deems more suitable to his needs.

At the time I decided to express such criticism of the gay agenda, I was not fully opposed to gay adoption. Nor was I absolutely opposed to hiring gay grammar school teachers. My criticism of the gay agenda was narrower than it is today and the tone of my criticism was far more subdued. That all changed when the homosexual rights crowd started to circulate some of my early columns.

Frequently, the criticism would come en masse from gay groups who would post my columns on PRIDE websites or chat rooms at universities like UNC-Greensboro, which is also known as UNC-Gonorrhea. They would work themselves into a fury over my well-reasoned essays and then respond with a flurry of obscenities unfit for reproduction in this column.

Blah, blah, blah…he goes on, clearly amused at his own writing, saying gays are mentally unbalanced for being mad at being called deviants. Gee, I wonder why? But then he lobs a joke that makes your stomach turn:

For the record, I have never cheated on my wife. I did, however, attempt to cheat on my wife one time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get past Ms. Coulter’s bodyguard.

Have you lost your meal yet? He continues, sarcastically assailing the American Psychological Association for declassifing homosexuality as an emotional disorder because he feels gays and lesbians shouldn’t be able to adopt or teach our children.

The job of raising a child is important – as is the job of teaching a child. Both require dealing with emotionally immature beings that require constant supervision and guidance to ensure they will develop into mature adults.

There is nothing wrong with discriminating against a class of people who are afflicted with an emotional or mental illness that is relevant to the completion of a given task – especially if that task is crucial to the well-being of the society at large. That is why I am opposed to the idea of gays adopting or teaching our children.

Adams, incidentally, in 2004 accused then-recently-elected out lesbian NC State Senator Julia Boseman of engineering her opponent’s homophobic campaigning against her by committing “one of the most disgraceful episodes of political passive aggression in North Carolina history.”

He’s not funny, and not very bright either. That almost ensures a party being thrown in the swamps of Freeperland for Adams.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

You’d think it was commons sense NOT to have homos as role models or near kids. GEESH!

Adams is great. His further point that there is nothing wrong with discriminating against people with a mental illness is right on. Crazy people can (perhaps) hold a lot of different jobs. Teaching children is not one of them.

They are very EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED and ACT out this EMOTIONAL CONFUSION through SEX and their relationships. To be “gay” is to be VERY ANGRY, TOUCHY and UNHAPPY. They are vicious people to an extreme when criticized in any form.

Should schools be LEGALLY REQUIRED to disclose if their child is being exposed to homosexuals?

“…And now you realize why I am opposed to gays adopting or teaching our children.”

Umm… because some of them made foul threats against you? Because they used to be considered mentally ill? If I wrote essays opposing Judaism, or stating that black people should not be allowed to adopt white children, or that women aren’t fit to serve on juries, I would most likely get some pretty vicious hate mail from Jewish, black and female readers, respectively. That wouldn’t prove much, even though various authorities have stated in the past that Jews are evil, blacks are violent and women are hysterical. You’ll have to come up with a better argument than “because I’ve succeeded in pissing them off”.

See, you are using a fallacy of logic to justify your position. Being of Jewish decent is NOT an option. Being black is NOT an option. Being gay IS an option. I can prove it by showing many examples of gay people going back to healthy relationships. Other than Michael Jackson, have you ever seen a black man change colors? A jewish person can denounce his religion, but by blood they are still Jewish, like it or not.

[Here comes the bestiality red herring again…] Next in line….sex with animals because they truely love thier dog and they are being denied the RIGHT to enjoy their dog sexually. Go ahead, bring on the “I was born this way” and “God made me this way” tripe. Every person has their crosses to bear. God made everyone, but their choices to follow their “Free Will Sins” move them closer or further from him. It is CLEAR from every society known to mankind…this is a filthy position to try to justify all in the name of being PC. All that is their choice, just don’t expect special consideration and exceptions because of their unhealthy faults. The sexual disease rate among gays is much, much higher than general population. The casual sex, multiple partners is also way out of whack with the norm. Flame away.

Well, what if your neighbor wants to have sex with goats….in their own back yard? Guess thats ok since it’s the way THEY want and where THEY want? It is their property ya know! That logic is what opens the door for….any one can justify any thing at any time for any reason. What 2 consenting “adults” do in the privacy of their own home is their business. I have an issue when it moves to the public forum and gets shoved in my families face because they want “special” considerations.

I have been reading Mike Adams for a couple of years…he is great!

Excellent column. Anyone who has criticized the homo-promo movement in a public way knows exactly what this guy is talking about. They’ll try to ruin your life any way they can and have absolutely no compunction about it. Regardless of what APA has to say, same-sex attraction is a mental disorder–and a symptom of a cluster of other conditions. Such individuals should be absolutely disqualified from teaching children and/or adopting.

I do not agree with this article. In particular, I don’t think gays should be banned from teaching. Let me first state that I am not gay. It is wrong to consider all gay persons as pedophiles. Also, many pedophiles are not gay.
I had teachers in High School and College that never came out and said they were gay, but they were not married, and all appearances were pointing in that direction. These were excellent teachers, and I doubt seriously if they ever tried to abuse any child. Ban pedophiles, not gays. As for adoption, that is more complicated. I would be more concerned about that, but in my state, only one person would be able to adopt (no gay couple). In some cases, it might be better than the foster home shuffle.

[Hey Matt Hill Comer, help me out here — is this Freeper smoking something?…] UNC-Greensboro is very gay. Literally something like 50% of the male students are homosexual. However, if you’re a straight young man, you can be ugly and dumb and still have a harem, since 70% of the student population is female. Even after accounting for lesbians, you’ve got about 4:1 odds. I used to know a smoking hot young lady from my hometown who went there who always complained about not having a boyfriend.

They are very EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED and ACT out this EMOTIONAL CONFUSION through SEX and their relationships. To be “gay” is to be VERY ANGRY, TOUCHY and UNHAPPY. They are vicious people to an extreme when criticized in any form.
I grew up in Key West…undoubtedly, I was taught by some gay people. Gay people babysat me. In fact, as I got older, I socialized with gay people, and considered these same gay people my friends. I doubt that you have ever met a gay person. And people wonder why FReepers are considered right-wing wackos….

I just love the “well, I know gay people and they are nice people.” What you leave out is the fact that you do not call them on their position. Try it sometime. Tell them you don’t agree with their forcing society to give them special consideration and see how nice they stay.

Did you know that all black people are theives, too? Anymore ridiculous stereotypes?

Again, you go with race verses someone wanting to stick their penis where fecies gets dumped. Face it…that is the bottom line with gay men. Take it to their private homes and keep it OUT of the public square. I have a better idea. Chat with a black person and explain to them how you believe the gay struggle is like their struggle for equal rights. Hahahahaha. You would be lucky if all they did was tell you how messed up your logic is.

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