The gun lap

Closer than it looks

Main Entry: gun lap
Function: noun
: the final lap of a race in track signaled by the firing of a gun as the leader begins the lap

Tomorrow morning at 8AM on what will most likely be a bright and sunny San Diego day, the lovely and talented Casey begins the last lap of, what we call her “involuntary” school career as she enters her senior year in high school. Earlier last week her books arrived (for those just catching up, she goes to a private school) , 50 pounds of AP Art History and calculus and physics and Beowolf (Seamus Heaney translation) and God knows what else (that would be the religion books). And so begins nine months of the routine that is lacking in the summer months, and the shuffling through of applications to various colleges and universities that crop up in the mailbox on an almost daily basis.

In all likelihood this will be the last nine to ten months that we will live together (since she can’t become a blogger and move into the basement because we don’t have basements in San Diego and I think there is a dearth of them in Santa Barbara too) and then it’s the trip to Europe with her mother (the cosmopolitan and intoxicating mrs tbogg) and then off to school with her…location to be determined.

By this time next year I will also be elsewhere, location already determined, trying to cobble together a new routine in a new city beginning what I like to think of as my third act until the final curtain comes down, the music comes up, the audience applauds and then goes out for drinks. The smart money is on Beckham having no small part in my demise.

Change is good I guess, but you don’t have to like it. You just have to live with it. I’m trying, but it’s hard.

Seems like not so long ago

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