Bill “Kegger” Kristol – “I’m totally
going to go back to college, dude!”

Poster over the Kegman’s futon

Think Progress:

This morning on Fox News, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said that college men are “very happy” that Plan B will now be sold over-the-counter because they can have “a wild night” and “the burden is off them.”


KRISTOL: I don’t know, I came into Fox this morning and one of our younger colleagues who works here, a guy just out of college a couple of years, said all his friends in who are still college are very happy about this — all his guy friends, his male friends who are still in college are happy about this. They have a wild night. Precautions aren’t taken. The burden is now totally off them. They tell their girlfriend to go out and get this drug and no problems at all. And I don’t think that’s a very good thing for the the country.

Excuse me if I suggest that this is one of those fake conversations that conservatives have at extraordinarily convenient times when they want to say write or say something but don’t want to be held responsible for it, and what Bill was actually doing was indulging in a little one of his fantasies on air.

At least that’s what a taxi driver said to me this morning while we were discussing intelligent design, the war in Iraq, the bankruptcy bill, the rise of transnational progressivism, string theory, and why, if we can put a man on the moon, we can’t put a man on Condoleezza Rice*.

He agreed with me on everything.

*(Condoleezza joke stolen from David Letterman)

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