Citizen Journalists at work and play (updated below)

“No thanks. I’ll stand.”

The rightwing braintrust working day and night to bring us the “facts” that the MSM/Drive-by media hide from us.

Here’s Ace who forgot to use his mad Green Lantern photoshopping skillz on a picture from Lebanon:

Kofi Annan: “The troops are not going there to disarm Hezbollah. Let’s be clear about that.”

I’m not quite clear yet. Can you provide a visual statement for us morons?

Like, say, French troops flying the national flag?


Ah. That should do it.

Via Free Republic.

But, whoopsie!

Allah Fact-Checking Service: He says that’s just the UN flag with the sunlight washing out any emblems to make it look entirely white.

Dammit! All those wasted hunh-huhs and lols!!1!

Meanwhile, Dan Riehl-lystupid goes spelunking for something, anything, on uppity minority S.R. Sidarth who had the nerve to be so brown that it caused George Allen to shoot himself in the face. So Dan cocks his own gun:

Shrinking violet S. R. Sidarth is all over autoadmit. Pardon me for questioning his sensitivity before. Apparently this is what the WaPo’s hero finds acceptable for a public college admissions posting board. From his appreciation for Playboy and, more significantly, his remarks insulting to Homsexuals and *transvestites, evidently his sensitivity stops with anyone other than himself.

…and then procceds to shoot himself in the face by quoting from the posting board without any proof that the poster really is S.R. Sidarth. When he is called out on it, Big Brain Dan responds (in an update):

While at first having no comment, during a brief phone conversation, S R Sidarth has denied ever having posted on autoadmin.com. Ultimately, that cannot be verified without an IP check, which I imagine would violate privacy restrictions.

A commenter on my personal blog claiming to be a member of that site first suggested someone had altered their nick and that autoadmit.com worked in such a way as to alter all previous comments. However, Google cache proves that explanation false.

It should also be noted that in today’s WaPo story, Sidarth is portrayed as an introvert who spends a great deal of time on the computer.

So it’s probably true because, you know, Sidarth spends a lot of time on the computer…just like Dan Riehl when he’s not playing with toys.

You should probably google cache that just in case he denies it later. Because, if it’s on Google, it must be true.

(Added) Riehl updates (again), changes the subject:

As for the board commenter’s who have been trolling comments here, I’ll note that, if someone is victimizing people by assuming their identities on your posting board, perhaps it would be more productive to address that issue then to continue to troll my blog when you will not alter my positions or posts one bit.

…and then makes sure that nobody can point out the error of his ways by immediately cutting off comments.

Swiftboating of Sidarth complete!

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