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Patricia Todd's victory stands!

Kathy @ Birmingham Blues just rang me on my cell — the ruling was overturned by the Democratic Executive Committee and Patricia Todd’s victory in Alabama’s HD 54 has been upheld! The vote was 95-87. (

I am relieved this is over so I can get to work helping the people of my district,” Todd said after the meeting. She said she was not discouraged by the opposition to her nomination.

“This was a healthy Democratic vote,” Todd said.

…The vote fell mostly along racial lines. Committee members were asked to stand to show their vote and no whites were seen standing to vote to uphold the subcommittee report, while a small number of blacks stood in support of Todd.


Release from the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund:

“Finally, the voters have prevailed. We are enormously proud of the courage and tenacity Patricia showed throughout this ordeal, and equally proud of her supporters in Alabama and beyond who stood by her unfailingly. The Victory Fund and its network of donors have worked to ensure Patricia had a level playing field and a fair chance to show that a qualified, committed public servant can win the trust of the voters regardless of her sexual orientation. We have no doubt her career in the legislature will reflect the same determination and skill she showed in her campaign.”

The committee today voted to overturn a decision issued Thursday night by a five-person panel picked to hear evidence in an official challenge to Todd’s primary win. That decision was roundly criticized by top state party officials and in newspaper editorials. The Birmingham News editorialized today that the state Democratic Party seemed to have a “death wish,” calling the effort to strip Todd of her nomination, “the dumbest thing Alabama Democrats have done since 1986.” That year the party nullified the primary win of its gubernatorial nominee and installed another candidate. It subsequently lost the governor’s mansion to the Republicans for the first time since Reconstruction.

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