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More details from Kathy on the big day for Patricia Todd

Kathy is back and has a post up. I want to focus on this snippet:

The meeting adjourned right after the vote, and I’m afraid there were some unhappy people leaving the room. One very angry black man came out yelling, “N*ggers and gays, n*ggers and gays, that’s all this party has.” He kept ranting about the Republicans winning in November until someone reminded him that Patricia is unopposed. Then he started carrying on about a write-in race. Unfortunately, the TV cameras were right there, and the reporters gave him a format to spew. Then he walked out, telling the Todd supporters that they’d better not touch him. I guess he was assuming that all her supporters are gay and that he might catch it. I could have reassured him that no one there had any desire to touch him.

Patricia was all smiles, and her supporters were ecstatic. I walked out with party Executive Director Jim Spearman, who told me that Howard Dean had called eight times during the meeting to find out what happened. He said he’d been on the phone with Dean all week, and that the DNC was frantic because of all the negative feedback. People were ticked off, and no funds were coming in.

Yes, people it’s not just about race, no matter how many folks try to spin it that way. Black homophobia cannot be ignored as a core part of the problem in this dust up — it is a serious impediment to progress and dialog within the party when it gets continuously swept under the rug.

Civil rights cannot be defined a race-only matter, and not as a zero-sum game either.

The vote of the people in Alabama HD 54 was allowed to stand — and that is the bottom line. Those in the Hendricks camp — who should know better, given how precious our right to vote is — embarrassed themselves with these antics. A lot of healing is in order.

I should caution you all that a great deal of fury was unleashed in those who wanted a black representing a barely majority black district — they were clearly willing to toss out legitimate results of an election. It looks like it may now manifest itself in a write-in candidate in the November election, intimated by Birmingham activist and former mayoral candidate Frank Matthews in the article, who is known as “God’s Gangster.”

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