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Guy Adams surfaces again

Illinois law enforcement officer and unhinged homobigot Guy Adams has resurfaced over at Replace the Lies With the Truth, to engage with blogger Joe Brummer.

You might recall that Adams was the hateful cretin who declared this on winger Stacy Harp’s show “The Right View” about gays:

“Anyway…we were talking about homosexuality and basically about how a lot of homosexuals are beginning to have sex with animals and infants…”

The (former?) Deputy National Grassroots Director of Alan Keyes’s AmTaliban organization RenewAmerica was asked to retract and apologize for his ridiculous, unsupported claim — but he wouldn’t back down.

From Joe’s blog:

Finally Deputy Adams has responded via email to me:

“My comment about homosexuals and babies will not be retracted but this I am willing to do: I can mitigate its effect. I am willing to say that heterosexuals also engage in this act, so yes, it is not exclusively a homosexual phenomenon.”

So, if I have read his response correctly, having sex with infants is also a growing trend for heterosexuals as well. The accusations this man makes are sick and immoral. I just thought I would put this out there if for no other reason, the more this man talks, the more likely it is people just think he is another “Fred Phelps” making crazy assertions that no one is hearing or listening to in the first place. Sadly, Mr. Adams believes the crazy things he says about gays. He has enough hate for us that he refuses to stop in his own tracks and ask real questions about gays and lesbians. He isn’t looking at the widened truth that we have to offer him. He prefers to fill his head with negative stereotypes and lies rather than looking at the whole picture. Why he has chosen to believe this stuff or make it up is beyond anything I could imagine, so I won’t.

Adams is completely unhinged. Look at this:

Militant gays will stop at nothing to silence any opposition to their unnatural agenda. How else could you describe a group that asks for “tolerance” yet demands intolerance be shown to others, such as those critical of their lifestyle? Homosexuals are NOT tolerant and they are as a whole, insensitive to the damage they cause others by their intimidation. Homosexual activists use economic terrorism and the full force of law (Canada) to silence any criticism of their lifestyle.


IF there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, then you should ENCOURAGE criticism and inspection. Show the world that your lifestyle is valid, wholesome and good. But that openness will NEVER come because what homosexuals do is unnatural and the public rejects it. And with whom they do it will also not pass muster with the public either.

But again, I challenge the gays: show us what you do and what your lifestyle encompasses, invite criticism, and let the public be the judge.

But Canadian homosexuals have already figured out that should their lifestyle be exposed, it would resoundingly be rejected.

Replace lies with truth? I challenge you.

In another post, Joe asks some pertinent questions about Adams:

He is a police officer and children tend to look up to police officers. Does Mr. Adams really want kids to see that telling stories and lies is okay? Is that the example he wants to set for kids? I doubt it.

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