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Who Will Be First to Call for Joe’s Official Expulsion?


I’m quite pleased to see Hillary Clinton giving Ned Lamont real, and not just symbolic, support.  Good for her.  Next big contest:  who will be the first big name Democrat to say Joe Lieberman (CFL-CT) should not be welcomed back into the Democratic caucus if he should win in November, now that he’s campaigning with in-state Republicans and rescinding his prior backing of Connecticut Democratic candidates (h/t xyz in the comments)?

Who will come out and say, publicly, Joe’s not welcome back in the tent, that doing Republican GOTV against Democrats is beyond the pale, not forgivable?  Who will stand up as the first true Democrat of principle?

Will it be John Kerry?

Or John Edwards?

Or Frank Lautenberg?

Or Russ Feingold?

Hillary Clinton?

Al Gore?

Nancy Pelosi?

Rahm Emanuel?

Howard Dean?

Bill Clinton? 


Let’s keep score, take names and make some phone calls next week.  Harry Reid deserves pressure, but so do all the others, especially those in the Senate.  Once one person comes out to say that Joe has left the party and is not welcome back, I’ll bet others will follow.  

It’s time to expand the target field.  Wouldn’t you expect one of the 2008 hopefuls to want to be the first Principled Pioneer on this?  Since Joe has cut and run from, you know, Democratic voters and the Democratic Party, shouldn’t leading Democrats fall over each other to show us voters some stand and fight bona fides?  I’m just sayin’. 

Next week could be interesting.

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