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The Spin I’m In: Oh Brother

I’m going to a really fun street festival in LA this weekend called Sunset Junction. Mostly just to hang out, but I also want to see the reunion show of a band I used to like called Redd Kross. When I first moved to LA I would go to see them all the time. Their live shows were rockin’ and the band came with a bonus…brothers. Not an entire band of brothers (Jackson Five), but only two.

I like seeing bands with two brothers because you often get a glimpse into the friendship and love of the relationship. Just as interesting, you sometimes get a glimpse of rivalry or even violence.

I’ve seen many a show by a band with two brothers called Bluebird. One time I saw the bass playing brother spit on the drummer brother in between songs in their set. The drummer brother then flew over the drum kit and a knock down drag out fight ensued on stage. One of them even said "go suck your mommas titties". (Yes, they have the same mother).

There is a new movie out called Brothers Of The Head  about two conjoined, rivalrous twins who become rock stars. I can’t vouch for the movie, but the book by Brian Wilson Aldiss was really good.

So this weeks Spin goes out to the brothers who’ve given us great tunes and just a little bit o’ drama.

I’d love to hear The Spin You’re In in the comments section.

The Spin iMix in: Oh Brother

(Requires iTunes v6.x or above)



Playlist Notes: This is the eighth installment in Donita Sparks’ The Spin I’m In series of playlists available every Friday from This week’s theme is centered around brother acts and includes such notable family acts as Van Halen, The Kinks and The Brothers Johnson.

The Spin I’m In: Oh Brother




Glass +


Cathy’s Clown

The Everly Brothers


Redd Kross

Strawberry Letter 23

The Brothers Johnson

Jamie’s Cryin’

Van Halen


Meat Puppets

I Don’t Know


Girl’s Got Rythm*


Do It Again

*song not available in iTunes 

The Kinks

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