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The Road Ahead

The YouTube above is an extended clip from a performance given by Harry Connick, Jr., Branford Marsalis, and a number of other talented jazz musicians in New Orleans supporting the Musicians’ Village by Habitat for Humanity.  It’s a bit long, but it’s some amazing jazz in the midst of all the destruction and chaos.  And so hopeful.

Scout Prime, down in NOLA for a blogger’s conference, reports in from an area in which she had previously documented a need for reconstruction.  She’s got two videos — one from months and months ago, one from yesterday — that show how little has been done.  (Although they have, at least, moved the yellow house out of the middle of the street, so there is a little progress anyway.)

Scout has some amazing photos of several neighborhood areas in NOLA, and she also tells us the story of Ardelle.

Remember that Rockey photo-op guy from earlier in the week?  The AFL-CIO blog provides us a counterpoint — Rockey’s high school classmate, who tells us how the rest of the buddies in the neighborhood are actually getting along.  Hint:  it’s not all sunshine and ass-kissing and PR joy joy.

The WaPo has a great story about an Arlington man who moved down to Mississippi to help folks get their houses — and their lives — back together.  And, not surprisingly, people don’t feel that the nation is adequately prepared for another major disaster — even though it’s been almost a year since Katrina, and we’re at the start of another hurricane season, most Americans are skeptical that appropriate lessons have been learned.  Read more in the Democrats’ report on the need for accountability.  (PDF)

In the NYTimes, I found a depressing story about the state of small businesses in NOLA.  (There is also a short video on the story’s page about the same topic that is worth a watch.)

Finally, I found a poignant article in the Biloxi Sun-Times on the folks who were lost in and around the storm.  There are, of course, no guarantees in life — but this article really brings home the human cost, even a year later.

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