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The Alabama HD 54 plot thickens

Kathy emailed a pointer to Politics in Alabama, where Jeff has uncovered a bombshell — the Alabama Dem Party filed for, but did not receive Dept of Justice approval for the 1974 amendment to its bylaws — the very amendment that was cited and used at yesterday’s hearing to disqualify Patricia Todd and Gaynell Hendricks in the House 54 race.*

That 1974 rule change needed to be approved under Section 5 of Voting Rights Act, according to Jeff.

…the 1974 rule was not pre-cleared by the Department of Justice. There is record of the DOJ receiving the motion for pre-clearance of the rule change and a record of the response from to the DOJ requesting more information; but there is no record of the approval of the change of the Alabama Democratic Bylaws. The letter sent by the DOJ to Robert E. Vance was requesting more information before the approval could be made. There was no record of receiving any of the requested information from the Alabama Democratic Party or of the bylaws change being approved. The response that was sent from the DOJ to the Alabama Democratic Party can be found here.

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* the amendment was that candidates had to file financial disclosures to the State Party, a measure ignored since 1988, once the candidates had to file with the Alabama Secretary of State’s office.

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