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It’s Friday And We Have Added A Couple New Features


Today we are releasing two new features for Firedoglake. The first feature is the author pages. If you look under the title of every post, you will see who wrote that article. It is now a hyperlink, which takes you to the author’s page. This page will provide you with a short biography of the author (for author’s who choose to fill this information out), a link to their homepage and a listing of all articles authored by that person.

The second new feature involves social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is one of the hottest things on the internet today. It allows users to share links they find interesting with rest of the world. One of the most popular social bookmarking sites is Digg. In a nutshell, social bookmarking gives you, the reader the chance to tell the rest of the world “hey check out this cool site/link I found”.

The social bookmarking enhancement offers quick access to 24 of the most popular social bookmarking sites (including Digg). The use of this plugin is very simple. When you go to the single view of a post (the page with the comments), there is now a series of icons under the post. Holding your mouse over the icons will pop up a tooltip telling you which site it is linked to. Simply click that icon and you are taken to that sites entry page, where you can share the link. For those of you new to social bookmarking, please be aware that most of these sites require registration to share links (which is quick and easy). It is a very effective way to help get the word out about posts here on Firedoglake.

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Jamie is a former firefighter, who devoted his time to fighting a corrupt city hall. After leaving the firefighting field, he moved into the IT field developing desktop and web applications. He is devoted to progressing the netroots movement through new technologies and actively works on the Wordpress project. He also does work in photographic processing as well as 3D modeling.

Jamie also has a long history in local and state politics. He has worked on campaigns varying from local councilperson to state senate. He has been active at increasing the recognition of local parties and devoted to increasing their effectiveness.