Astonishingly ugly but unsurprising hypocrisy

Michelle Malkin defending Ann Coulter against people who make ad hominem attacks on her (yes, the irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife):

This is Peter Hartlaub. He is the San Francisco Chronicle’s pop-culture critic and “helps cover movies, television and the media,” according to his bio. In addition to his newspaper duties, Hartlaub blogs for the paper’s “Culture Blog.” One of his latest posts is an astonishingly ugly, ad hominem attack on Ann Coulter–emblematic of the unhinged, intolerant Left. And it’s posted on a “culture” blog.

The jerk compares Coulter to a horse at a children’s zoo. He mocks her weight and her face by linking to sophomoric left-wing bloggers deriding her looks–including this, this, and this. He posts photos he took of the horse alongside photos of Coulter, then sits back and waits for Chronicle blog commenters to pile on.

Michelle Malkin in 2004

Florida station WJXT reports: Florida Voting So Smooth, Michael Moore Packs Up, Leaves

He’s reportedly headed to Ohio. Don’t stop there, buddy. Make like a California liberal and keep moving north…Canada is lovely this time of year.

Update: A steamed Canadian reader protests…

As a Canadian I must vehemently protest your suggestion that Mr Moore continue his, (hopefully futile), trek northward and go on to Canada. We already have a surfeit of fat, slovenly lefties in this country and require no additions……particularly THAT one!

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