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Republican voters are mature adults who are deeply serious about the world that we line in and

Romney Report from Iowa [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
A reader:

I listened to Romney at a small local candidate fundraiser today in West Des Moines.

Romney is really building a strong insider undercurrent here within the party people—those are the ones that vote in the caucus. Once you see the guy, he does come across VERY well, and you have ZERO problem seeing him is president. If folks get over the Mormonism and leery-ness of being from Mass., he will do well. Easily a top 3 right now for the caucuses in my opinion. I’m sold on Romney right now. I need a Mitt ’08 car magnet.

Talking with a party-person at the event, they reminded me the Iowa GOP Straw Poll is less than a year away. This was a HUGE event in 1999, but seemed to get little coverage outside Iowa.
I was lukewarm for Bush at that time, but after I saw him up close and personal at that event in Ames, I was 100% on board. WHY?
– Organized, friendly, and people knew what was going on. Made sure everyone voted.
– Good entertainment – country star Tracy Bird—got photos and autographs.
– Bush spoke to the people various times up close and personal. Very likeable guy. I got his and Laura’s autograph and photo with them.
– Best food by far. Used local, very well known restraunt to cater the event (Hickory Park) Everyone in central Iowa knows Hickory Park bbq pork is the best, and Bush had tubs of it being served. Shows his people know what they are doing. By contrast, Pat Buchanan had bbq pork by some South Carolina outfit….nice, Iowa is a top 3 pork producing state and you bring in someone out of state. Nice going Pat, it’s time to retire.

If Romney can pull that off, he will surely fair well at the straw poll & beyond, and everything I have seen about him & his operation in Iowa so far shows he is well organized. The fact someone already mentioned the straw poll tells me they know what they are doing. I was also assured he’d be back MANY times in the coming year.

– examine every issue in great detail before deciding who to vote for because they care about the future and the world their children will live in.

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