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First go read the transcript at Hullabaloo where JC Watts is brought in as an expert on Plan B:

BILL PRESS, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, you know, that’s too bad, Wolf. I think this is a major breakthrough for American women.

And, J.C., it’s hypocritical to be against abortion and to be against Plan B. We heard Sanjay Gupta, who knows more about this than you and I do, at the top of the show, say, if a woman is already pregnant, this does nothing. This is not an abortion pill. It’s a contraceptive pill. It has been used safely by European women for years. It has been held up in this year only for — in this country only for political reasons.

And what this pill is going to result in is fewer unwanted pregnancies and fewer abortions, which I thought — is certainly my goal — I thought was your goal, too.

WATTS: Well, it’s ironic, Wolf, that we say it’s a contraceptive, but you take it the morning after.

PRESS: So what?


PRESS: You take one pill the day before. You can take one the morning after.


PRESS: It’s a medical breakthrough.

WATTS: The morning after.

PRESS: It’s a contraceptive.

WATTS: It’s…

PRESS: And it’s not funny.


PRESS: Three-and-a-half — no.

WATTS: Bill, the bottom line is…

PRESS: It’s…

WATTS: … your mind is not going to be changed by this decision. Nor — and nor is mine.

Considering his history, you would think that JC might think differently about an unintended pregnancy, but then you were probably never a hot-shot high school quarterback who had family who would step in and bail your horny ass out:

In 1976 Watts’ nephew, J.C., had a daughter out of wedlock with a white schoolmate.[4] Both families felt that an interracial marriage would be impractical because of contemporary racial attitudes,[3] and some members of the mother’s family did not want to raise a black child.[4] The families decided that the pregnancy should be brought to term and that Wade Watts and his wife would adopt and raise the girl.[3]

Julius Caesar Watts brought his expertise to the Wolf’s program, but nobody asked him the right questions. He knows how to get women pregnant, but what comes after is somebody elses problem.

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