It’s a dirty job and nobody wants to do it

Rush Limbaugh:

Regarding the new Survivor series, Limbaugh also stated that there “are many characteristics … that you would think would give [the African-American tribe] the lead, and the heads up in terms of skill and athleticism and so forth.” He also stated that “our early money” is on “the Hispanic tribe” — which he said could include “a Cuban,” “a Nicaraguan,” or “a Mexican or two” — provided they don’t “start fighting for supremacy amongst themselves.” Limbaugh added that Hispanics have “probably shown the most survival tactics,” that they “have shown a remarkable ability to cross borders” and that they can “do it without water for a long time, they don’t get apprehended, and they will do things other people won’t do.”

And we thought someone who would “do things other people won’t do” was called Daryn Kagan.

We stand corrected.

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