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Our Big Chicago Adventure


We had a very fun time in Chicago with the brilliant Rick Perlstein (formerly a guest at the FDL Book Salon with his book Before the Storm) and  Siun (who came to Connecticut and lived with us while she volunteered on the Lamont campaign).

Curiously it turns out Siun and Rick live four blocks away from each other.  Yesterday we went to the Third World Cafe in Hyde Park and ate wonderful salads with blue cheese, walnuts and dried cranberries.  Rick waved down a friend of his from the street who was very curious to hear about the Lamont campaign, and wanted to know why bloggers weren’t making more of Holy Joe’s combover (which he considered to be the ultimate act of dishonesty).


Rick’s book on Nixon should be done soon. The night before we watched videos at his house of Buckley and Gore Vidal debating each other during the ’68 Chicago convention.  We were all struck with the sharp contrast it presented to all the fulminating dim bulbs of the wronosphere who infest tv punditry today. 

Then we drank tea and discussed the secret identity of Digby, who is no doubt in the high Swiss alps bartering international high-tech secrets and Alpine skiing. 

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Jane Hamsher

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