Josh Marshall finally weighs in with his personal opinion of blogospheric support for Ned Lamont:

What does irk me is that there’s a tendency I see in a lot of liberal blogosphere to go from being against Lieberman, to being against anyone who supports Lieberman, to being against anyone who isn’t sufficiently against Lieberman, to be against anyone who even raises a question about the emerging orthodoxy about this race.

Matt Stoller responds quite well:

Josh is a legend, but from the ‘everyone in DC likes Lieberman’ line to the inability to take a position until after the primary, he has repeatedly showed a certain narrow perspective in this Lieberman-Lamont race, an unwarranted sympathy for the insider crowd and a distressed recoil at newcomers.   I suspect it’s because he has lots of neoliberal friends who hate the activist blogosphere and talk in terms of their impression of our tendencies instead of what we say and write.  I don’t really know.  Regardless, Josh is bigger than what he’s been writing recently, and I’m sure he’ll come around.  He deserves immense credit for seeing beyond DC, seeing beyond the insider world that he came from, and doing so before anyone else did.

I’ll add to this.  I’ve had a fair amount of tolerance for the "what’s all the fuss about" crowd, I don’t have the expectation that everyone will share my values but I find this a bit shocking coming from Marshall.  Watching people like Barbara Boxer, Lanny Davis and NARAL (just to name two that we focused on — no tilting at phantom boogeymen here) come to Joe’s defense was like watching an autopsy of everything that is wrong with insider politics, single-issue groups, lobbyists in general and Joe Lieberman’s brand of cronyistic, bought-and-paid-for beltway gladhanding specifically. 

We spent a good deal of time documenting the conflicts of interest that arose in these situations and it offered a wonderful opportunity to lift up the rug and watch all the ugly insects scurrying around as they tried to protect their own entitlements.  What arose was a very clear illustration of many of the circumstances that led us into this current mess in the first place.  

That Marshall would dismiss all this with a wave of a "Stalinist Purge" hand is really quite beneath him.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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