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How to Trash a Perfectly Good Campaign in 60 Seconds

To quote TRex — Uh. Mah. Gawd.

Somebody needs to step forward and defend the creation of this ungodly Darcy Burner ad.  I know Democratic consultants are notoriously loathe to put their stuff through focus groups before launching horrendously expensive media buys, but aside from all the important political points it manages to not hit, it’s an amateur night stinker with all the warmth and charm of a 1950’s Soviet training film on the dangers of VD. 

What photos of DCCC leadership with goats do McMahon, Squier and Associates have that they keep getting jammed on unwitting candidates for the purposes of tanking their campaigns?

Burner is a Netroots candidate.  Online money was raised to pay for this dreck.  I’m quite sure most donors would be horrified to see their cash being pissed down a hole like this. 

And they say we’re Karl Rove’s enablers?

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Jane Hamsher

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