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This evening will be the first night of a two-part documentary that Spike Lee developed on the devastation in the Gulf Coast after Katrina, specifically about New Orleans after the levees broke.  HBO will air the four hour documentary on two successive nights, and Newsweek provides a bit of background on the film as well.

I’ll be setting my TIVO.

We have tried to keep the devastation all along the Gulf Coast (from Katrina and then Rita) as a part of our continuing coverage, but the enormous magnitude of the destruction and the personal stories of loss are so enormous that we can barely hit even a tiny portion of the story.   I frequently get e-mails from readers in the region, little notes letting me know how things are improving — or not — and how things have changed or, more often, how they are staying the same despite so much effort on the part of so many who live there.

Taylor featured a guest post over the weekend from a NOLA resident, who wrote the piece right after Katrina hit and the level of devastation in his city became more widely known.  It’s a painful read, but one well worth it to bring back the level of shock and disgust and anger that so many people in the region were feeling long after Katrina had come and gone.

Scout Prime has a haunting story today of one family’s loss amid the floodwaters of Katrina.  Scout is currently in NOLA at a blogger’s conference, and I’m going to spend time this week spotlighting her fantastic work on this issue.

George Bush and the GOP may want us all to forget — but the people of the Gulf Coast deserve much, much better.  We’re going to do our best this week to remind them that in America, we are doing only as well as the least of us, and that we would do well to remember that the best of all of us consists in lifting people up, not in grinding them under through neglect and deliberate ignorance.  And that we will be voting our conscience and our need for accountabiity this Fall.

We remember.  We care.  And we want accountability for the myriad failures that continue to this day.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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