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Chronological Jujitsu with the Bioweapons White Paper

Back in April, I speculated that Judy Miller had been leaked the CIA/DIA White Paper on the purported mobile bioweapons labs (MBL) to pre-empt the report of an expert team, the "Jefferson Team," sent to Iraq to investigate the trailers. Via Steve Aftergood and this report on the trailers (which I will follow-up with shortly and which lukery is busy working on as well), I found the White Paper itself. Based on the White Paper and a review of the evidence, I’m going to fine tune my theory.

Here’s the theory–this is speculative, but I wouldn’t even call it "outtamyarse" at this point, based on the evidence.

  • For some reason (because they knew the trailers were crap?) they sat on the story of them for up to 2 weeks (mid to late April to May 11–it took them 4 days to review the trailer)
  • They created the White Paper and briefed the White House on it–and leaked it to Judy–to pre-empt the Jefferson Team
  • They re-issued the White Paper, now dated after the Jefferson Team report, to justify ongoing administration use of the claim

One thing appears to be clear, though. The SAO quoted in Judy’s "balanced" June article claims the objections raised about the trailers were considered and dismissed. They may have been. But they weren’t considered in the analysis of the White Paper. In other words, the SAO dismissing objections about the MBL claims may have lied about having considered those objections. Go figure.

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