Families! In a theater!

The lovely and talented Casey and I are out for the evening to go see a certain movie involving people on a flying transportation conveyance who are disgruntled by fellow passengers who are most likely not Muslims since they can’t kneel facing Mecca. The L&T Casey attempted to get her mother, the recherché and ophidiophobic Mrs tbogg to take her last Friday night when they were in Palm Springs, but to no avail even after she used the, “Daddy would take me because he loves me and that’s why I live with him and not you” line of reasoning, which one would think would be quite effective.

Live and learn.

And one other thing we learned today is that the fear of the color purple is Porphyrophobia, although I could have sworn it was Oprahphobia.

Live and learn. Again.

(Later that evening….)

And, we’re back.

It was everything we had hoped for. Snakes. A plane. Samuel L. Jackson cursing.

A word of advice: go see it in a theater full of college students like we did. Comedy heaven.

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