I know why the caged bear bellows in pain

Shit howdy, it’s getting so that country musicians can hardly butch it up anymore without bringing down a heapin’ helpin’ of derision from people who can’t seem to understand that wearing a cowboy hat makes you a cowboy. Why can’t Troy Lee “Cubby Killer” Gentry be a real man like this guy


of this guy


Yes. I know these look like ads for gay cowboy porn, but they’re not, so just stop it. They’re being bad. And tough. Besides, the new trend in country is gangsta-gangsta, yo.

Cruisin’ with mah homies in mah F-One-Five-Oh

At least then the bear killings will be drive-bys…

(Added): Thanks to Anthony Cartouche in comments for this link to Gentry’s site. My favorite statements from (I assume) his publicist:

Troy is an avid environmentalist and hunter who supports and follows all game laws. Before he killed the bear he was told by the bear guide that it was proper and legal to kill the bear which again was not a tamed bear and was never in a pen or cage.


The result is that Troy has been convicted in the court of public opinion without fair representation. A true travesty of justice for a guy who truly loves God’s creation, treats it with respect, and obeys the laws designed to preserve and maximize its splendor.

…and will spend $4,650 to kill it.

I want to be clear here. I see very little difference between someone who kills an animal in a pen or a cage and someone who hunts on a private preserve that guarantees them a ‘kill’. It’s the difference between being a dick and a dickhead.

And it is not hunting.

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