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Send the Hippies Packing


Matt Taibbi on Lieberman’s traveling circus act, from Rolling Stone:

The scene says everything you need to know about the modern Democratic Party. It spends its weekdays sucking off the Pentagon and Wall Street and the pharmaceutical industry, and on the weekends it comes out and spends five minutes getting teary-eyed for the "I have a dream" speech and thinks you owe it your vote because of it. Some party members agree, but quite a few don’t, which is why Joe Lieberman—the hawkish one-time vice-presidential candidate who has made himself the most visible symbol of the "new" Democrats—is facing a surprising primary challenge on August 8th. Like Lieberman himself, the "I was there in the Sixties" act is finally getting old.

"I hate the Sixties, and I’m tired of hearing about it—what have you done for me lately?" says Regina Meade, one of the churchgoers. She shakes her head. "I lost a cousin in the war. Twenty-nine years old. What about that? What about that?"

It may be the one blessing of Lieberman’s "cut-and-run" campaign — I don’t think we’ll be hearing much more of that "Joe marched in ’64" shite now that he’s a public "fear of hippies" convert.  

But now that the GOP transformation is complete, as Julia says — maybe it’s time we heard a bit more about his Republican doppelganger, Alan Schlessinger?

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