Breaking! Rightwing in frenzy over leftwing frenzy that isn’t!

In an attempt to mirror the disproportionate response exhibited by Israel in the Lebanon invasion, the rightwing is now whipping itself into a rich creamy head of outrage froth over leftwingers! attacking Zionist entertainers!

I didn’t know Bernie Mac, Don Johnson, Serena Williams and Vivica Fox were Zionists?

Remember the story about this anti-Hamas, anti-Hezbollah, anti-terror ad that was published in the Los Angeles Times on Thursday and signed by 84 Hollywood stars, directors, studio bosses and media moguls?

Well, now the “Zionists” are under attack!

And who is this brave blogger leading a letter writing attack against these Zionist bastards? Is it our Dark Lord Kos or Atrios: Bestower of Wankerhood? Maybe it’s Glenn Greenwald – The Man with Two Countries or Jane Hamsher and her Poodles of Doom ?

Eh. Not really.

Meet Akramwad of Bonsoir and his readership of six.

Ace, Culture Commando of the Right, writes:

Hey, not the biggest deal in the world that they’re being subject to pressure from folks over their politics. They’ll survive, and, look, expressing pro-Israel sentiments in Hollywood isn’t really a career-killer.

Still– I’d like to point this out to all the liberals who cry “McCarthyism!” when people boycott the Dixie Chicks and the like.

Is it wrong, or is it legitimate, to express displeasure with an entertainer when he or she takes a controversial political stand?

The answer’s either “It’s always wrong” or “It’s always legitimate.” Not “It’s legitimate if they’re damned Zionists, but it’s a chill wind of McCarthyism if they’re good progressives just ‘speaking the truth.'”

Yeah. We tried to rein Akramwad in, but you know how he is. A lone wolf. Un lobo solo.

“Are you the Judean People’s Front?”
“Fuck off! We’re the Peoples Front of Judea.”
“I thought we were the Popular Peoples Front?”
“No, he’s over there.”
“SPLITTER!”- Life of Brian

We’re still trying to get his Townhouse decoder ring back…

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