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To Biodiesel or Not To Biodiesel


No, the above photo was not taken over at Ace’s place after a raging fuschia terror alert (and yes, I stole that joke from TBogg).  It’s actually a jar of biodiesel fuel.  I have put far too many miles on my car over the past couple of months and I’m ready to hand it back to my leasing company with a nice note and a bow, but the question is — what to replace it with?

Donita and my friend Linda M. (veteran of YK1) have been very convincing on the biodiesel front.  I know there are a lot of opinions about the practicality and sustainability of biodiesel cars, so I’m going to throw it out there — what do you think?  I may as well put up a sign saying "calling all wingnuts" to lecture me on how all attempts at energy conservation are merely exercises in liberal vanity but humor me, okay?  Pretend the planet is more than just something you piss on from the frat house balcony for a moment.  I’d like to know what reasonable folks consider the wisest decision at the moment with regard to fuel economy, the environment, and — let’s remember — Kobe is all about style.  

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Jane Hamsher

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