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Time to Take Joe’s Candy Away

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When we last left the adventures of John "Little Jimmy" Olsen, Cub Labor Leader (head of CT-AFL/CIO), he was trying to convince his membership that Lieberman had a great record on health care and was, you know, a labor-oriented kind of guy and not an enabler of the most hostile President in modern history to workers’ rights.  Fortunately Bush’s destruction of all occupational safety standards has not yet led to the kind of brain damage that would render this absurd assertion reasonable, and the rank-and-file strongly resisted Olsen’s attempts to endorse Lieberman past August 8.

Since the primary Lamont has picked up the UAW endorsement and it looks like many other labor endorsements are on the way, but Olsen has steadfastly resisted committing himself on the matter.  Now that Joe has decided he needs to shed any vestige of the liberal skin he claimed to have worn during the primary, isn’t it time for Olsen to just admit he was wrong, his members were right, and do the right thing?

This weekend there is a DNC meeting in Chicago and Olsen will be in attendance.  Says CJ in the comments:

[A]ll of the state representatives (to the DNC) are meeting in Chicago … and they are taking a Lieberman vote. If it’s either overwhelming or unanimous that could be pretty hard hitting. I’m embarrassed to say that I know of this because our state committeeman spoke of it at a county Dem meeting last evening and was wondering if we (other states) should get involved – he was brought to his knees fairly rapidly and will now be voting against Lieberman at the meeting. We convinced him that it was a party issue not merely a state election issue.

You know, that’s a great idea. DNC head Howard Dean has already distinguished himself by saying enough with Holy Joe’s party bashing, and hopefully others will back him up.  If you’d like to contact your local DNC representative and let them know your feelings on the subject, you might also mention that if they run into Jimmy Olsen they should nudge him into doing the right thing, eh?  

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