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Arianna is right — other than John Kerry and John Edwards, the support of key Democrats for Ned Lamont has been rather pale lip-service.  Bubba is going to fundraise for Webb but he hasn’t offered to come to Connecticut, and the DSCC would rather spend its cash offending Hispanic people than supporting the state’s Democratic nominee.

The message is clear from most of the big ticket Dems:  if Ned Lamont wants a Senate seat, he’s got to pay for it himself.   If party loyalty and leadership are going to be in evidence, I guess we’ll just have to look elsewhere. 

Toward Maxine Waters and California Democratic Party Chair Art Torres, for example.  Says Torres:

Senator Lieberman asked us to respect his conscience on voting for the war in Iraq, now he must respect the conscience of Democratic voters in his home state of Connecticut in voting for Ned Lamont as their nominee to the United States Senate.

I will introduce at our Democratic National Committee meeting in Chicago on August 19th, along with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an urgent resolution on behalf of the California DNC membership to urge Senator Lieberman to withdraw from the race and support Ned Lamont.

We cannot be bullied by the GOP’s attempts to infringe upon our nominating process and elections, nor by their attempts to ridicule the more than 60 percent of Americans who do not support Bush’s war in Iraq.

We are a Party committed to a strong defense of our nation and abroad. We are a Party committed by words and deeds to a secure homeland. We will, however, never give up our inalienable right to question the foreign policies of our nation, notwithstanding the Party in office.

Our precious rights, and more importantly the lives of our young men and women serving in the Armed Forces, are at stake.

How thoroughly refreshing.   Wouldn’t it be a fabulous trend?

Meanwhile, the NRSC has made it clear — they heart Joe and won’t be backing their own candidate against him.   Lieberman may not have achieved his dream of garnering both the Democratic and Republican nominations in Connecticut, but he’s got the next best thing — both parties’ Senatorial Committees’ defacto support.

Who says bipartisanship is dead? 

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