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First Wilkes and Now Mrs. Cunningham

Last week we were treated to Brent Wilkes’ attempt to exonerate himself publicly and/or threaten his co-conspirators, Lowery and Lewis. This week, we’re treated to Mrs. Randall "Duke" Cunningham’s story (sub. required), who is apparently a person of interest in the investigation. As Mrs. Cunningham’s lawyer explains, she’s trying to convince us that she didn’t know about Duke’s multi-million dollar bribery racket.

"My client faces an uphill battle as faras people believing she is not part of her husband’s conspiracy. Idon’t believe she benefited from anything Duke did, but every aspect ofher life has been affected by the suspicion."

By that, he’s probably referring to the fact that Mrs. Cunningham got her ill-gotten house taken away and now she has to live like the rest of us.

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